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1911 Census Records

Doirlin No.1

Name                          Status              Age         Occupation                 Place of Birth

William Campbell        Head               60             Piermaster                  Argyll, Kilmore

Jane Campbell            Wife                 48            Housekeeper              Glasgow

Christina                      Daughter         20           Telegraphist                Canna

Malcom                       Son                  15             Home worker              Glasgow

Doirlin No. 2

Coll MacKinnon          Head               90        Pauper                               Glenelg

The Square. No. 1

Angus MacDonald      Head               45                    Farmworker                Canna

Flora MacDonald        Wife                 37                    Not given                     Barra

Mary MacDonald        Daughter         11                    School                         Canna Twins

Kate MacDonald         Daughter         11                    School                         Canna Twins

Hector MacDonald     Son                  9                      School                         Canna

Jessie MacDonald      Daughter         10                    School                         Canna

The Square No. 2

Archiebald MacLeod   Head               76                    Old age pensioner       Canna

Annie MacLeod           Daughter         21                    Domestic servant        Canna

John MacLeod            Son                  28                    ?                                  Canna

Duncan MacLeod       Son                  21                    Cattleman                   Canna

Smiths house


Store & Post Office


Grieves House

John MacKinnon         Head               78                    Storekeeper/Old Age  Canna

Penny MacIsaac         Servant           24                    Domestic Servant       Canna

Old House

Donald MacLeod        Head               40                    Gardener/Domestic    Canna

Catherine MacLeod    Sister               42                    Housekeeper              Canna


Alan Gilmour Thom    Head               40  Farmer                                    Helensburgh

Mary Gilmour Thom   Wife                 43             not given                     Bracadale

Sarah MacIsaac         Servant           16                    Housemaid                  Canna

Canna House



Charles MacLachlan   Head               55           Fisherman                   Kilmore Mull

Sarah MacLachlan     Wife                 59          Not given                     South Uist




Hugh MacLean Russel Head             40             Shepherd                    Torosay Mull

Gillian MacLean          Boarder           39            Rabbit Trapper            Torosay Mull

Alexander Duncan      Servant           48         Cattleman                   Kilnnian Argyll

Ann MacKinnon          Servant           50          Housekepper              Kilnnian Argyll

Mary Ann MacKinnon Visitor              19          Domestic Servant       Kilnnian Argyll

        Sanday Island

Steele’s House

Neil Steele                   Head               46  Farm Labourer/crofter            South Uist

Mary Steele                Wife                 44                    Not given                     Barra

Mary Steele                Daughter         22                    Housekeeper              Barra

Hugh Steele                Son                  21                    Lobster fisherman       Barra

Alexander Steele        Son                  18                    Farm labourer             Barra

John Steele                 Son                  17                    Farm labourer             Barra

Flora Steele                 Daughter         14                    Not given                     Barra

Joseph Steele             Son                  10                    School                         Barra

Sarah Steele               Daughter         8                      School                         Canna

Mary Flora Steele       Daughter         7                      School                         Barra

School House

Charles Henderson     Head               35                Teacher                       England

Annie Henderson        Wife                 29               not given                     England

Mary Henderson         Daughter    under 2months                                    England

Mary’s House

Mary MacKinnon        Head               70                    formerly Cook             Canna

Riverside House

John MacKinnon         Head               54                    Crofter                         Canna

Annie MacKinnon       Wife                 40                    not given                     Canna

Mary MacKinnon        Daughter         14                    not given                     Canna

Donald MacKinnon     Son                  12                    School                         Canna

Sarah MacKinnon       Daughter         9                      School                         Canna

Christina MacKinnon  Daughter         8                      School                         Canna

Effie MacKinnon         Daughter         7                      School                         Canna

Marion MacKinnon     Daughter         under 1                                                Canna

Angus’s House

Andrew MacKay         Head               68    Retired schoolmaster  Sutherland Creich

MacArthur’s House

Duncan MacArthur     Head               41                    Crofter/fisherman       Canna

Neil MacArthur            Brother            40                    Fisherman                   Canna

Charles MacArthur     Brother            37                    Fisherman                   Canna

Jessie MacArthur        Sister               35                    Housekeeper              Canna

James’s House

James MacInnes        Head               35                    Crofter/farm labourer  Canna

MacIsaac’s House

Flora MacIsaac           Head               57                    Crofter                         Canna

Allan MacIsaac           Son                  20                    Ploughman                  Canna

Ronald MacIsaac        Son                  13                    School                         Canna

Effie MacIssac                        Sister               69       School sewingmistressCanna

Donald Morrison         Nephew           16                    Working on croft         Barra

Hector’s House

Hector MacLeod         Head               46                    Crofter/shepherd         Canna

Ann MacLeod             Sister               48                    Housekeeper              Canna

St Edwards RC Church


Tigh craig


Rubha na Feanaig 1

Malcolm MacKinnon   Head               74                    Carpenter OAP           Canna

Sarah MacKinnon       Sister               84                    Housekeeper OAP     Canna

Rubha na Feanaig 2

Catherine MacKinnon Head               55                    Yacht Captains Wife   Canna

Charles MacKinnon    Son                  36                    Seaman                      Canna

Annie MacKinnon       Daughter         30                    not given                     Canna

Peter MacKinnon        Son                  28                    Tramway conductor   Canna


End of Canna/Sanday Census 1911

Population; 70

41; Sanday Island; 29 Canna


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