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Neil MacNeills Canna Census 1764-65 The West end

A close up of the township of Lag a' Bhaile (in the background) from the British Fisheries society print of 1789. This township by 1805 was cleared of people and then replaced by a single farm at Coroghon. Where Coroghon Barn still stands to this day.

Isle of Canna

Here follows Canna Papists

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Samuell McKinnon 40

Caristina McPherson his wife 47

Hough McKinnon his son 12

Donald McKinnon his son 10

Mary McKinnon his daughter 9

Cathrina McKinnon his daughter 4


Mary McDonald widow 46

Janet McDonald her daughter 14

Mary McDonald her daughter 12


John McDonald 28

Mary McDonald his wife 28

Isabell McDonald his daughter 3

Margrat McDugall servant 27

Donald McCormick servant 25


Janet McDonald widow 52

Isabell McDonald her daughter 12

Mary McDonald her daughter 10

Anna McDonald her daughter 9

Donald McEdam servant 22

Canna papists

John McDonald herd 20

Margaret McDonald servant 57

Mary McDonald servant 21


Donald McArthor 28

Margaret McDonald his wife 26

John McArthor his son 3

Flory McDonald widow 59


Cathrina McDonald widow 50

Marion McKinnon her daughter 10


Donald McDonald 60

Florence McLean his wife 50

Mary McDonald his daughter 15

Caristina McDonald his daughter 12


Rorry McDonald 52

Mary McKinnon his wife 47

Marion McDonald his daughter 27

Dugall McDonald his son 21

Donald McDonald his son 14

Alan McDonald his son 10

John McDonald his son 6


Neill McEdam 52

Mary McDonald his wife 50

Duncan McEdam his son 18

Mary McEdam his daughter 7


Archibald McDonald 37

Kett McLean his wife 42

Marion McDonald his daughter 14

John McDonald his son 10


Archibald McEdam 40

Kett McDugall his wife 30

Mallcum McEdam his son 12

Donald McEdam his son 10

John McEdam his son 8

Anguss McEdam his son 6


Donald McKinnon 40

Ann McKinnon his wife 30

Neill McKinnon his son 13

Mary McKinnon his daughter 10

John McKinnon his son 6

Ewn McKinnon his son 5

Marion McKinnon his daughter 4


John McDonald 50

Caristina McLean his wife 41

Kett McDonald his daughter 16

Mary McDonald his daughter 12

Caristin McDonald his daughter 10


Edman McEdam 50

Marion McDugall his wife 47

Allexander McEdam his son 23

Neill McEdam his son 12

William McEdam his son 10

Mary McEdam his daughter 7


John McDonald 21

Mary McKinnon his wife 19

Cathrina McKinnon 60


Dugall McDugall 50

Mary McDonald his wife 40

Anna McDugall his daughter 26

Margrat McDugall his daughter 22

Anna Edam his grandchilde 3


Angus McDugall 60

Mary Kenady his wife 37

John McDugall his son 10

Dugall McDugall his son 8

Duncan McDugall his son 7

Anna McDugall his daughter 5


Allex (ande)r McLeod 60

Mary McDonald his wife 50

Donald McLeod his son 22

Anna McLeod his daughter 19

Murdo McLeod his son 17

John McLeod his son 13

Anguss McLeod his son 10

Cathrina McLeod his daughter 7


John McKinnon 50

Mary McKinnon his wife 40

Anguss McKinnon his son 10

Mary McKinnon his daughter 7

Caristina McKinnon his daughter 5

Anna McKinnon his daughter 3


Charles McKinnon 60

Mary McEdam his wife 50

Caristina McKinnon his daughter 25

Effie McKinnon his daughter 20

Kelly McKinnon his daughter 16

Marion McKinnon his daughter 15

Margrat McKinnon his daughter 13

John McKinnon his son 5

All the above families in Canna in the four pages befor this was warnd to Clear their respective possesions of west end of Canna at whitsunday next and leave the same void and r(e)ade to be posessed by Mr McKinnon of Corichatachan protestant. Its hoped that, that farm will soon be inhabited by protestants (added)

A note from the group admin:

By the West end of Canna he is referring to the townships of Tarbert and Garrisdale. The MacKinnon of Corichatachan was Lachlan MacKinnon of  Corichatachan, Isle of Skye. At this time the island of Canna was under the ownership of John MacDonald of Clanranald whose mother was Flora the daughter of MacKinnon of MacKinnon. The MacKinnons were also Jacobites.





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